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Common Hair Fall Reasons

Common Hair Fall Reasons ayurchemstore

It is perfectly normal for you to lose some hair every day. However, if you have had lustrous hair and have been experiencing sudden hair loss recently, then there must be some reasons behind it. Many reasons can lead to hair fall in men and women and over here we discuss some of them: 

  • Inadequate diet: Just like the rest of the body, your hair too needs vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. An unhealthy diet or inadequate diet can result in a loss of hair. For instance, when your body receives too little protein in your diet, it prevents your body's ability to build new hair follicles. If you are trying a new diet and you are experiencing hair loss, it may mean that an important nutrient is missing. The best way to prevent hair loss due to diet is to have a well-balanced diet. 

  • Stress: You may have heard that stress can cause hair loss. Stress may not directly cause you to lose hair. Bur stress can adversely affect the ummune system. Well, it’s not unusual for you to have your hair falling out if you are undergoing a stressful situation in your life. Loss of hair caused by stress is usually temporary. However, to prevent stress from taking a toll on your hair, try relaxation techniques that can help you cope with stress better. Yoga, breathing exercises and listening to music are some things that can help you relax. 

  • Heat styling: Blow drying, hair straightening and hot iron curling may also damage your hair and scalp. Exposure to high temperatures not just irritate your scalp but also strip your hair of their natural moisture, making them thin and brittle. It is best to give your heat stylers a break every two to three months so that your hair can come back to their natural state. 

  • Hormonal changes: Many women may experience hair loss when they are experiencing hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause. When hormone levels drop, hair grows more slowly and becomes much thinner. This kind of hair loss is usually temporary and resolves soon. 

  • Using wrong hair products: There many hair products that are supposed to keep your hair in place all day and make it look good. These products contain chemicals that dehydrate your hair and make them prone to breakage. Whenever you buy hair products, make sure you look for natural alternatives that are gentle on your hair. 

Losing hair? A head massage with ayurvedic oil for hair loss can help  To prevent hair loss, you must take holistic care of your hair. Besides, eating well and keeping stress at bay, make sure you massage your hair with an ayurvedic oil that improves the health and texture of your hair. Ayurveda is replete with benefits of a head massage. Using our ayurvedic hair oil for hair fall can help you strengthen your hair and reduce hair fall. Prepared as per the ancient method 'Sneha Pak Vidhi', our Vipula Hair Oil nourishes your hair from root to tip and helps keep the hair fall problem at bay. It is 100% natural oils and contains no artificial colours, paraffin oil and silicon.

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