Men Health

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Looking for ayurvedic medicine for men?

Though men and women face similar kinds of health problems. However, men are at higher risk of issues such as heart disease, digestive problems and stress. We have a wide range of ayurvedic medicines that will help you to address your health issues in an effective and natural way. Our ayurvedic medicine for men are 100% vegetarian.


Here are some common health problems men experience:

  • Hight sugar levels: Both men and women can develop diabetes but Type 2 diabetes is more common in males rather than females. Most diabetic symptoms are the same in men and women. However, men develop additional complications erectile dysfunction and muscle mass loss.
  • Digestive problems: While some digestive issues, such as irritable bowel syndrome, are more common in women, a number of digestive problems such acid reflux, ulcers and constipation are more common in men.
  • Fatigue: Though not exactly a medical condition, men after 30s feel low levels of energy. As men age, their testosterone levels go down, this cause low energy levels and fatigue.