Skin Care

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Looking for ayurvedic skin care products online?  

Kesar Kumari is an effective Ayurvedic skin care product you can find online to improve your skin tone. Formulated with herbs such as Haridra, Lodhra, Tulasi, Manjishtha, Kannyasara, Ushira, Laksha, Kumkuma, Yashti, this herbal gel is effective in treating hyperpigmentation and helps prevent premature ageing of the skin. 


Habits that are bad for skin 

  • Not washing your hands: Unclean hands can transfer germs and bacteria to your face. Make sure you wash your hands before touching the face. 
  • Not washing your face before going to bed: Washing your face before you go to bed helps the skin to get rid of all the dirt and pollution that it may have attracted. Cleaning your face helps the skin to breathe freely. 
  • Smoking: Smoking worsens the symptoms of skin problems such as acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin dryness etc. It is best to quit smoking. 
  • Not having a balanced diet: A wholesome nutritious diet is important for healthy and glowing skin. Processed and oily food interferes with the process of digestion and may cause skin problems. 


Ayurvedic skin care tips that will make your skin glow

Maintaining a healthy skin care routine goes a long way in having healthy and soft skin. To help your skin rejuvenate, follow the following steps along with the Ayurvedic gel mentioned above: 

  • Healthy food for healthy skin: For a healthier skin, include fibre-rich fruits and vegetables in our diet. Watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, dry fruits, and pomegranate are good for overall health as well as for skin health.  
  • Exercise: Exercise increases the heart rate, improves blood circulation, and can help deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Healthy skin requires collagen which promotes new skin cells and makes the skin look glowing and soft.