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Looking for ayurvedic medicine for stress and anxiety?  

Longivital tablets are effective stress relief Ayurvedic medicine. It improves the body's resistance to stress. This Ayurvedic medicine also supports organs against free radical damage. In addition to managing stress and anxiety, Longivital tablets are good for overall health. 


Symptoms of stress and anxiety 

  • Acne: Stress doesn't cause acne, but it may trigger hormonal changes that may worsen acne in people already susceptible to acne.
  • Change in appetite: Stress and anxiety trigger emotional and psychological changes including changes in appetite. Some people with anxiety tend to overeat while others lose their desire to eat when they feel stressed. 
  • Sleeping troubles: Stress and anxiety can create a heightened state of alertness. Too much stress can cause a person to either sleep too little or sleep too much. 
  • Excessive sweating: Stress hormones cause breathing rate to increase, the heart to beat faster, and blood pressure to rise. This results in the sweat glands producing more sweat.

Ayurvedic treatment for stress and anxiety 

Along with Longivital tablets, incorporate the following healthy steps in the daily: 

  • Exercise: Exercise helps in releasing chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling. Yoga, aerobics and other forms of exercise can help calm the mind and reduce anxiety. 
  • Breathing exercises: Deep breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress. It increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and promotes a state of calmness.
  • Eat well: Eating a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables can help to manage the physiological changes caused by stress. 
  • Take a break: Breaks can reduce or prevent stress. Taking a break from everyday tasks and engaging in a recreational activity keep stress at bay.