An ayurvedic company where tradition meets innovation
Established in 1976, Ayurchem manufactures Ayurvedic medicines based on the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda. We are committed to manufacturing aqueous extracts and standardised Ayurvedic products as per the Ayurvedic scriptures. For this, we have well-standardised processes in place and we use automation wherever necessary to offer consistent quality throughout all the batches.
Behind every success is a great team
As a reputed Ayurvedic company, we have a team of highly skilled and dedicated ayurvedic doctors, PhD scholars, microbiologists and technocrats. Together they work seamlessly to create new formulations and come up with groundbreaking new products.
State-of-the-art manufacturing unit
Our thorough knowledge of Ayurveda is backed by our state-of-the-art GMP manufacturing unit that complies with the state FDA norms and regulations. As a leading ayurvedic brand, we are proud to have machineries that have been specially designed and fabricated keeping in view Ayurvedic principles. These machines are used to produce various dosage forms such as Syrup, Asav-Arishta, Ghan, Tablets, Capsules, Medicated oil, Ointment, Cream and Gel. Those who operate these machineries are highly trained and understand the importance of the process and sampling at each stage.
An ayurvedic brand known for quality assurance
Right from sourcing high-quality herbs to manufacturing the medicines, we have stringent quality checks at every step. As a leading ayurvedic company, we are determined and focused on quality control and quality assurance of ayurvedic medicines. We have sophisticated in-house quality control and microbiological laboratories. Every care is taken right from authentication of raw material, processing and assurance of standardised finished products. We are committed to providing you with innovative dosage forms through our experience in research and development. After passing through various in-process controls, the finished product is screened thoroughly using stringent parameters.