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ayurvedic medicine for tooth painayurvedic medicine for toothache

Searching for ayurvedic medicine for tooth pain: check these useful insight

Searching for ayurvedic medicine for tooth pain: check these useful insight

Tooth pain can be quite uncomfortable. Tooth pain could be because of tooth decay, abscessed tooth, tooth fracture and gum problems. The pain could be sharp, throbbing, or constant. If you are suffering from tooth pain, there is a solution for you in Ayurveda. The ancient scriptures are replete with references of herbs that can help alleviate tooth pain.  There are many herbs such as clove, babool and tavakpatra that can help reduce tooth pain naturally. 

Try our ayurvedic medicine for tooth pain

Made with a potent combination of herbs, our ayurvedic medicine for toothache relieves tooth pain, removes bad breath and helps manage gum problems. Here are some herbs that make our ayurvedic medicine for toothache effective:

  1. Cloves: Cloves contain an active ingredient called eugenol. This is a natural anesthetic. When you insert a clove in the tooth cavity or put clove oil on the affected tooth, it numbs and reduces pain to ease a toothache. Eugenol has natural anti-inflammatory properties and thus, helps in reducing swelling. 

  2. Babool: Chewing fresh Babool is good for oral health. The astringent properties of babool helps in strengthening gums and teeth. Babool helps in managing oral problems due to its antibacterial property.

  3. Cinnamon: Some compounds in cinnamon have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. These compounds fight bacteria, they might help prevent toothaches from developing or progressing. 

  4. Peppermint oil: Known for its cooling and numbing effect, peppermint oil effectively soothes tooth pain and muscle aches. It has been found that peppermint oil fights oral pathogens and kills common bacteria that can lead to cavities and gum disease.

Besides taking our ayurvedic medicine for tooth pain which is loaded with the goodness of above-mentioned herbs and many more, you should do the following things to alleviate tooth pain: 

  1. Salt water rinse: Salt water is a natural disinfectant. Rinsing the mouth the salt water helps loosen food particles and debris that may be stuck in between your teeth. Moreover, salt has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce inflammation and tooth pain. 

  2. Practice good oral hygiene: It goes without saying that the best way to keep tooth pain at bay is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day.  You should rinse your mouth after every meal as this helps in removing food debris and plaque. Don't forget to clean the tongue too. Bacteria on the tongue can contribute to bad breath.

  3. Eat soft food: When you experience a toothache, eating anything can feel like a punishment. However, you should not starve yourself by not eating. Eating soft foods can help as it will put pressure on the teeth. Cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and soft fruits are ideal when you are having a toothache. , 

Note: If you are not experiencing toothache, stick to a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hard fruits such as apples, carrots and celery are considered good for dental health as they clear odour-causing plaque.

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